East Central Meetings

East Central Meetings

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be conducted between the fall and spring season and shall be primarily for the purpose of electing officers, confirming appointments to the board, approving by-law changes. Audio and video attendance for the AGM is a not allowed


East Central All-Club Board Meetings

East Central All Club Board Meetings will be held at a time and location designated by the president.  The purpose of the meetings will be to discuss and conduct business pertinent to the operation of soccer in the district.  Each club's voting strength is defined by the East Central By-Laws.  The voting structure within the member club is established by the club's constitution and By-Laws.  All clubs are expected to attend all of the East Central All-Club Board meetings.  There is a one-time meeting grace applied to the first missed meeting per calendar year.  Clubs missing more than one meeting will be fined $50.00 per missed meeting.  Any club not current in attendance or payment of fine may be put in "not in good standing" by the district. 


Executive Board Meetings 

Executive Board Meetings will be held as needed to discuss East Central Soccer District Business


East Central Meeting Schedule

East Central Meeting Schedule

 Month All Clubs Attend Board Meeting Executive Board
  January AGM  
  February   X
  March X  
  April X
 *May X
 *June X
  July No Scheduled Meeting No Scheduled Meeting
 *August X  
 *September   X
  October X  
  November   X
  December No Scheduled Meeting No Scheduled Meeting


Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month.

Board Meetings start at 7:00 PM

*Meetings in May, June, August and September start at 8:00 PM

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